Rocky III Backup Statue Hits Auction Block ... Could Fetch $1 Mil

October 21, 2017

Although the original Rocky Balboa sculpture from “Rocky III” is not for sale, but it’s BACKUP statue will be hitting the auction block soon.

Originally two statues were made by A. Thomas Schomberg for the 1982 flick. The 1st one was used in the movie, and the 2nd one was made as a backup just in case anything happened to the first one.

The original sculpture from the movie still resides in Philly. The backup however had been on display for many years in the San Diego Hall of Champions, which is no longer in business. Now the backup is going up for sale.

Picture Credit: TMZ


TMZ spoke with a rep for SCP Auctions — which has auctioned everything from game-worn Babe Ruth uniforms to Michael Jordan game-used shoes — and  they stated that they’re expecting the Rocky statue to fetch somewhere between $500k and $1 mil.

Anyone who is interested in that statue might want to bring a freight truck with them. That bronze Balboa, well he stands at nearly 9 feet fall and weighs around 1,800 pounds!

Bids are open until November 4. Who do you think will take this statue home?