Miguel Cotto Will Definitely Fight In 2016 And Still Believes He Beat Canelo

November 27, 2015

-OpeningRound Staff

It’s been nearly one week since Miguel Cotto lost to Canelo Alvarez in a highly publicized Puerto Rico Vs Mexico middleweight title showdown. The fight was competitive, yet Canelo landed the harder more effective blows, winning by scores of 119-109, 117-111, 118-110.

However, Miguel Cotto, even one week later, still insists that he was the rightful winner of the fight.

Per BoxingNewsOnline, Cotto spoke on a radio show Tuesday morning in Puerto Rico, and said: “We have the fight recorded and if you see it 300 times, you’ll see the same thing: Miguel Cotto defeated ‘Canelo’ Alvarez.”


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Cotto added: “I went out with purpose on September 25 to train to do the best in the fight. Those who saw the fight, saw the effort I made and I’m satisfied. What happened, has passed. Now you have to look forward with optimism and not be intimidated by this kind of thing…The ten years difference was nothing, we did what we planned. We were very comfortable and I feel good about the way I fought and for my 35 years. I just do my job.”

The result is what it is however, and many feel that Cotto has nothing left to prove after his valiant performance against Canelo. Many feel that Cotto should retire, however, he still has one fight left on his 3 fight $50 million deal with Roc Nation Sports that he intends to honor: “We have one more fight that could be the middle of next year. We have a deal with Roc Nation to meet.”

Cotto will likely fight at his more comfortable 154 lb weight limit for the rest of his career. Whether or not you believe Cotto won as he and his trainer Freddie Roach believe, the size difference between Canelo and Cotto was very evident, and clearly shaped the outcome of the fight. Beyond the final fight of Cotto’s deal with Roc Nation, who knows what Cotto’s future will hold. But it surely has been one fun, phenomenal ride watching him fight.

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