Garcia KO's Zlaticanin in three rounds

January 28, 2017

In a bout that was expected to be a lot more competitive, Mikey Garcia dominated Dejan Zlaticanin and KO’d him in the third round to become 36-0 and win the WBC lightweight belt.

Zlaticanin had absolutely no answer for Garcia’s jab, and got his first loss because of it.  Zlaticanin came forward the entire fight, but did so in a predictable and repetitive fashion that Garcia was able to take advantage of.  Garcia was able to keep the shorter Zlaticanin at a distance with his lead hand, and made use of a lot of skillful counterpunching.

Garcia put Zlaticanin down with a huge, beautiful uppercut and right hand that Zlaticanin didn’t get up from for a disturbingly long time.  Ringside officials had to administer oxygen, and he eventually recovered and seemed to be okay.

I would highly recommend checking out the replay of that KO, and if you see it you’ll know that Mikey Garcia is back 100% and will be a huge factor in the lightweight division.  This is great for boxing fans.